Frequently Asked Questions

Does Upholstery Supply USA sell first quality vinyl, leather, canvas, and fabric?

Definitely YES.  Upholstery Supply USA only offers the very best, first quality materials.  


Do materials ever contain flaws, even though they are first quality?

Manufacturers have tight controls on material production, but every manufacturer has an allowable flaw rate per roll on their first quality materials.  For example, the manufacturer of Sunbrella canvas allows up to 6 flaws per roll.  This translates into approximately 1 flaw per every 10 yards of material.  

So, it is possible that material you purchase may have a flaw - however, Upholstery Supply USA does its very best to avoid flaws when cutting less-than-roll yardage for you.  Even so, when you are ordering cuts of material longer than 5 yards, we recommend ordering some extra material in order to compensate for the potential, occasional flaw.  Many manufacturers include flaw tags on the edge of the material so that, if you are working with longer cuts of material, flaws can be placed in inconspicuous places, or avoided altogether.


Is material shipped all in one piece?

At Upholstery Supply USA, we do our best to send you material in one, continuous piece.  However, sometimes you may order more yardage than is contained on a factory roll.  In those cases, you will receive one factory roll plus the additional, less-than-roll material that you ordered.

On rare occasions, there may be a need to ship your material in more than one piece.  However, we will contact you before we ship your order to you in such cases.  

How many yards of material are on a factory roll?

This all depends on the manufacturer.  We do our best to include this information on each product page; if you don’t see it listed there, please contact us and we will help you get the information you need.

How will you package and ship my material?

Most material is rolled for shipment, but for short yardage cuts of material (typically less than 3 yards) a fold may be necessary.  


What size is a material sample?

Most samples are 3 inches square or close to that.  Patterned materials samples are typically cut in a long by short style so that you can get a better idea of the material patterns; for example, we may send you a 3 by 12 inch piece.

If you are considering a more complex pattern, we encourage you to order a full yard of material in order to get the best view of the material and determine if it is right for your project.