Serabond Outdoor UVR Size 92 (Tex-90) Bonded Polyester Thread 8-oz Spools

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$18.50 per Spool (1 to 3)
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Serabond Outdoor UVR Size #92 (Tex-90) is a Bonded Polyester thread with outstanding UV resistance suitable for outdoor & interior applications such as Marine, Tents, Awning, Outdoor Furniture’s, Umbrellas, Boat Covers, Tarps, Motorcycle Seats, Car Tops, Automotive Interiors & Indoor Furniture’s. Recommended needle sizes 110 to 130 #’s 18, 19, 20 & 21 needles. 

*Ultraviolet Resistant

*Extremely durable

*Resistant to untwisting and therefore suited for multidirectional sewing

*Outstanding UV resistance due to special dyestuffs

*8 oz Spool (approximately 2,500 yards)

About Bonded Polyester Thread:

Bonded polyester thread has a protective coating to resist against fraying, needle friction, and heat when it is sewn at higher speeds. It is important to note that colors of bonded threads appear slightly darker on the spool. Colors will become lighter when sewn.



*High strength and stretch control


*Non-wick treatment to limit moisture migration

*Consistent diameter and excellent ply

*Multi-directional sewing

*Weathering test according to ISO 4892-1 and ISO 4892-2


Applications Used in a wide range of applications in Automotive interiors, Awnings, Furniture, General Upholstery, Marine application, Outdoor and other market products.
Length 8 oz Spool (approximately 2,500 yards)

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