Common Sense Turnbuckle Fastener 2 Prong Standard Neck Studs With Clinch Plates

$1.50 per Piece
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$1.50 per Piece (1 to 24)
$1.35 per Piece (25 to 49)
$1.20 per Piece (50 to 74)
$1.05 per Piece (75 to 99)
$0.90 per Piece (100+)

Common Sense Fastener Info: Common Sense fasteners also known as Turnbuckle, Turn Fastner, Twist Lock, Murphy stud or Directional stud. These fastners are used but not limited for Boat covers, Awnings, Tarps, Tonneau covers, Bags & Purses. You can use a Razor to cut the holes on the material for the Eyelet or use Commom Sense Eyelet hole punch hand tool.

Description: Common Sense Fastener 2 Prong Standard Neck Turnbuckle is used to fasten fabric to fabric (requires 4 Prong Eyelet set, sold separately). Includes 1 X 2 Prong Stud & 1 X Stud Clinch Plate.

  • Stud Neck height approximately 13/64" (5MM). Prongs length approximately 9/32" (7MM). Can be used for up to 7/64" (2.7MM) thick material (up to 5 layers based on the material thickness).

Individual Product Descriptions:

  • ATS15S&ATS15W - Turnbuckle Fastener 2 Prong Standard Neck Stud & Clinch Plate (Nickel Plated Brass)
  • ATS15SB&ATS15WB - Turnbuckle Fastener 2 Prong Standard Neck Stud & Clinch Plate (Black Oxide)
  • HOOVER-71-PUNCH - Common Sense 2 Prong Eyelet Installation Punch Tool. Used to punch 2 holes on the fabric for 2 Prong Turnbuckle Stud fastener
Material Nickel Plated Brass or Black Oxide
Finish Nickel or Black
Stud Finish Nickel or Black

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